Discover what makes you unique.

La Unique Boutique is a local consignment shop that sells online and in store. Click on our SHOP to see what we have in stock and buy online.

What makes us unique? Our shop has creativity flowing through our doors. From our d├ęcor to our items for sale. We support all types of merchants and artists from different parts of the world and especially local residents. We have everything from second hand to brand new merchandise.

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We have styles and fashion for any occasion and every holiday.

At La Unique Boutique there is so much more to us than just consignment. While you can come in and try on a wide range of clothing, shoes, bathing suits, gowns, there’s also makeup, jewelry, art, culture, and designs around the world to draw you in and keep you coming back.

Discover art work from not only local artists but artists from around the world.

Artist Carlos Valencia

In to make up? Come check out what we have in stock!

We have clothing for Women, Men, and Children!

Our consignment ranges from the high end to the affordable. We are confident there is something for every budget and every style.

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