You can stop by our boutique and find so many different local artists from Milford and around the world. Our local artists make paintings, sculptures, candles, shoes, jewelry and more. Read more about our featured artists below.

Meet Our Artists

Holly Mazza

” My name is Holly Mazza of moments by Mazza. I am a local artisan from Milford, CT. I have a passion for capturing beauty with my camera along the Connecticut coastline. I love using my photos to create all different types of projects. Using nature is so important to me. Many of my creations use shells, rocks, driftwood, and sea glass. I enjoy teaching children’s art classes at a nonprofit organization. I believe you are never to young to create. I love being part of the Milford Community that supports so many local artisans.”

You can visit Holly’s Facebook page here

Check out some of the creative work Holly makes with items and photos collected right here from our Milford Shores. Visit our store to see them in person with their incredibly reasonable prices.

Elsy Rueda

“I was born in Colombia, into a beautiful, diverse and large family. I obtained my degree as an Economist in my country, but I never practiced my career and the truth is, I often wondered if I had made the right choice. This is due to my inclination to design, whether it was graphic or jewelry design. “

“My husband, my two children, and I came to the United States full of dreams and plans but knowing that what was ahead, wasn’t easy at all. Our main idea was to provide our children with a secure future and at the same time give us the opportunity to achieve everything that due to adverse circumstances in our country, we could hardly have achieved, and at the same time very difficult to maintain. We started like so many immigrants, doing odd jobs, but always oriented to get ahead without forgetting our main goal. I returned to college to become a professional graphic designer so that I could aspire to better jobs in this country. Always having in mind what I loved, and that made me start creating jewelry, using different materials and above all letting my imagination run wild. This companion of so many years, “my imagination”, has made me explore within myself and thus I have been able to create what I offer every day, with passion and pride.”

You can purchase Elsy’s Jewelry now in our SHOP.

Check out her Facebook page to learn more about EROS Designs.

Carlos Alberto Valencia

Carlos Alberto Valencia López, is a painter born in Manizales, Colombia in 1963. Self-taught since 1998, he is dedicated to oil painting on canvas. He was an economist by profession and employed by a multinational company. However, he devoted himself to studying painting through the internet and all literature. He focused on learning techniques, modalities, color theory, drawing, history of universal painting and other painters. He studied different painters who experimented with styles until they found their technique within the past and present style after dabbling with the spatula, pop art, expressionism and other styles. In 2014, he decided to retire from the foreign trade area and dedicate himself fully to painting and from that moment on he has not stopped creating.

The work he currently presents is conceived by scrutinizing the deepest corners. He believes that people jealously guard their most valuable feelings, some from past times, others current. He uses his talents to translate this theory through his color palette and his brushes, those memories and images that almost inevitably lead us to interact with that image, evoking moments, already beautiful, sad or perhaps postponed dreams that we never seek to realize, because circumstances did not allow it.

He wants the viewer to get involved with his work, even as a third person, and why not? You can come to understand the roots of people with their old days, their ancestors, and their dreams. In the same way, he wants to pay tribute to the land, the field, and the peasant.

His work is seen around the world.

  • Collective exhibitions in Bogotá, Buga, Manizales, Aguadas, Mexico, New Jersey,
  • Individual Exhibitions: Manizales Municipal Council Hall
  • Los Fundadores Theater Convention and Cultural Center
  • Jhonson County Arts and Hertage Center Kansas City E. U.
  • Palace of the Government of Caldas.
  • He has works in private collections in Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Canada, England, Belgium, Chile, Spain. In different cities of Colombia.

You can visit Carlos’s Facebook page here.

Edgar Breban

Edgar Breban has been a resident of Milford, CT for the past 30 years. He was born in Yonkers, New York but raised in the Caribbean Ponce Puerto Rico. His parents are traditionally from Puerto Rico and he is very proud of his heritage. A boat builder by trade, but his studies and interests are photography, sculpturing using marble and granite, painting, and welding. He specializes in composite. Right now his main focus and passion has been in photography. You can view and purchase is prints and sculptures at our boutique.

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